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From Celebration to Donation

Earlier this year, we were all looking forward to our first Riverhills Community Day. Everything had been planned, booked and prepared. And then the world was turned upside down by COVID-19.

Of course, a lot of people have been adversely affected. So we decided to redirect our energy into doing something positive for our community! With so many people struggling during lockdown, we wanted to help by donating some of the money we were going to spend on our Community Day to Darebin Information Volunteer Resource Service (DIVRS).

Local heroes

DIVRS is a not-for-profit organisation driven by volunteers who aim to protect and support vulnerable people in Darebin. Specifically, their purpose is to support low-income Darebin residents and promote social inclusion.

DIVRS offers programs and services designed to strengthen the financial independence and resilience of community members suffering financial stress, advance the education and skills development of the disadvantaged, and promote social inclusion by developing networks and creating opportunities to participate in the City of Darebin.

Important work

One of the programs they offer is the Emergency Relief Program, which recognises that people have the right to an adequate income to support themselves and that an inability to do so may not be their fault or responsibility.

With escalating unemployment caused by COVID-19, this work has never been more relevant or necessary.

The support of Riverhills allows DIVRS to supply face masks and PPE to community members who are on low incomes, so they can remain safe through the pandemic without having to worry about the expense of purchasing protective masks.

We’re extremely proud to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause on behalf of everyone in the Riverhills community.