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How Our Homes are Changing in Light of COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought many changes to the way we all live, especially in Melbourne where we spend most of our time hunkering down in our homes.

The lockdown hasn’t stopped people pursuing their dream of homeownership, in particular building their dream home here at Riverhills. But it is changing what that dream home might look like.

Shifting needs

New data from indicates that there has been a shift in what people want in a new home.

Property searches for homes with granny flats or studios have dropped, while big backyards, home gyms, studies and a robust broadband connection are the features most in demand.

It’s not surprising. After months of working from home and home-schooling, these things have taken on far greater significance.

In demand

We want space for the kids to play outside – and for mum and dad to stretch their legs. We want somewhere at home where we can work off our Netflix binges. And yes, we want a home office with an internet connection that won’t drop out during Zoom meetings. Of course we do!

Not required

Conversely, the separate studio that once provided additional income as a short-term holiday rental could be sitting empty for some time, so we don’t need that any more.


Of course, we all hope that this crisis will soon pass and we’ll get back to some kind of normality. But that doesn’t mean decisions about what you really need in your dream home shouldn’t be re-evaluated.

Will desks fit in the kids’ bedrooms? Maybe think about that. Is there a parents’ retreat, or a separate living zone for a bit of peace and quiet? Maybe think about that, too.

Because while the future will always be a mystery, one thing we now know to be absolutely true: anything can happen.