$10,000 Referral Reward – Terms and Conditions

To validly enter the promotion and be eligible for the Referral Reward (being the amount of $10,000 in total): the referrer (Referrer) must complete the form below and provide their friend or family member who is referred (Purchaser) in the comments section of the form. The friend or family member (Purchaser) must be told they are being referred prior to the form being filled and the Purchaser must notify the Vendor, Dahua Group Melbourne Number 8 Pty that they have been referred by the Referrer prior to entering into a contract of sale. The Referral Reward is not applicable if the Purchaser nominates the contract to a substitute purchaser.

The Purchaser must not have had any contact with any sales consultant associated with Riverhills, or the Vendor, or be registered on the Riverhills database prior to the referral.  The Referrer and the Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that they are only entitled to the Referral Reward if the Purchaser pay the balance owning under the contract and the Purchaser have not otherwise breached the contract. If the above conditions are met (as determined by the Vendor in its absolute discretion), The Referral Reward will be paid as follows:

  1. $5,000 will be paid to the purchaser by way of a deduction from the amount to be paid to the vendor at settlement; and
  2. $5000 will be paid to the Referrer either by way of an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or a cheque (at the Vendor’s option) as soon as reasonably practicable after settlement of the Purchaser’s purchase.

This promotion will end when all allotments at Riverhills are sold (as determined by the Vendor in its absolute discretion). The Referrer does not represent or act as an agent for the Vendor.