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Your Trip Home is About to get Even Easier!

As part of Victoria’s Big Build, the government is future-proofing your easy access to and from your Riverhills home with some major improvements to the local road network.

Epping Road is a vital link between Riverhills and the heart of Melbourne. Substantial upgrades from Lehmanns Road (Craigieburn Road East) all the way down to McDonalds Road (Memorial Avenue) will drastically improve safety, traffic flow and travel times, and not just for motorists.

Apart from adding an extra lane in each direction (imagine the difference that will make to traffic flow!) bicycle lanes and shared walking/cycling paths will be added for non-car users.

Safety will be improved through new traffic and pedestrian lights, upgraded intersections and the installation of safety barriers.

For a detailed description of all the Epping Road upgrades, visit the Major Roads Project Victoria website.

Another important access point for Riverhills is the Hume Freeway. The Craigieburn Road junction is a convenient place to hop on and off the Hume, but soon there will be another option on O’Herns Road. This new junction will relieve any pressure on south-bound journeys in particular, and further enhance your travel experience.

You can watch a short (but interesting!) video of the proposed O’Herns Road junction transformation here.

It’s nice to know that the government wants your trip home to Riverhills to always be stress-free and easy!


Image: Artist impression of Epping Road and Lyndarum Drive intersection. Subject to change