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Could Building a Townhouse be For You?

So you are on the search for the perfect home to build, but have you considered a townhouse? If you’ve spent all your life in a freestanding house with a big yard and garden, it can be hard getting your head out of that mindset. Similarly, if you’ve spent your life in an apartment you might crave a house simply because you want that experience.

But maybe a house is not actually the best option for your circumstance or lifestage. If you’re open to the idea, a townhouse can offer many advantages.

But what is your lifestage?

The downsizer

So the kids have moved out (finally!) and you are ready to retire. Selling the family home to unlock the equity that can support you post-work is a solid strategy.

But maybe you are struggling with the change of mindset this requires, particularly if you are an avid gardener and someone for whom home maintenance is a hobby. If that sounds familiar, you have probably found yourself drawn to houses.

Sure, you might be looking for smaller houses than your family home, maybe with 2-bedrooms instead of 4, but ultimately you will be paying more than you would for a townhouse – and losing a chunk of the equity that will pay for your future lifestyle.

When you buy a townhouse you are only paying for what you need. Do you REALLY need the big garden, multi-car garage and lifetime of upkeep that a house brings with it?

The upsizer

You might also be on the other end of the spectrum and ready to buy your first home. Congratulations! Now probably isn’t the time to mention it, but if you’d been looking at townhouses instead of houses – which are generally more expensive – you might have bought and moved in months ago.

Of course, a house will be appealing if you are about to start a family. Kids need space! But then, townhouses don not have to feel small and cramped, either.

If you are not planning a family immediately, a townhouse might be perfect for your needs, at least for another couple of years. And really, babies don’t need much space.

It’s highly unlikely that your first home will be your forever home. Want you want is a foot on the property ladder – and the sooner the better, before property prices take another hike north.

Weigh it up

  • Generally speaking, a townhouse is less expensive than a house.
  • The sales tax on a townhouse bought ‘off the plan’ will also be substantially less.
  • Today’s innovative designs are built with comfort and lifestyle in mind.
  • Townhouses are usually in premium locations (near services & amenities).
  • You can have your garden but without the endless weeding and pruning.
  • Maintenance is manageable, with less floor space to vacuum and mop.

Of course, if you have a litter of kids at primary school, just go ahead and build a house. Something with a generous parents retreat! But if not, hopefully, we’ve given you something to think about.

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