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In these terms and conditions:

(a) Seller means Dahua Tarneit Project Pty Ltd ACN 616 234 827;

(b) You means the purchaser under a Contract;

(c) Contract means a binding contract of sale entered into by the Seller and You in relation to the Lot;

(d) Lot means Lot 331 on Plan of Subdivide PS822245K in the estate known as ‘Riverhills’, Bindts Road, Wollert, Victoria;

(e) Rebate Amount means $10,000 (GST-inclusive); and

(f) Landscape Incentive means the landscaping work worth of $5,000 (GST-inclusive) to be undertaken by the Seller under special condition 10.3 of the Contract.

  1. If You pay to the Seller the balance owing under the Contract on or before the due date for payment of that balance, you will be entitled to the Rebate Amount.
  1. The Rebate Amount will be paid to you by way of a deduction from the amount to be paid to the Seller at settlement.
  1. You are only entitled to the Rebate Amount:

(a) if you pay the balance owing under the Contract under point 1 above; and

(b) You have not otherwise breached the Contract.

  1. You acknowledge that the Landscape Incentive will only be provided in accordance with special condition 10.3 of the Contract
  1. Any entitlement to either the Rebate Amount or the Landscape Rebate Amount is personal to You and cannot be transferred or given to any other person (including any nominee under the Contract).