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The Natural Riches of Riverhills

There’s something about nature that innately charms us. The trees, the light, the rolling landscape. It speaks to something deep within, and stirs us to wonder.

Riverhills was born in recognition of this ancient enchantment. It’s an estate that stands apart from its peers for the uniqueness of its geography. Situated along the banks of Darebin Creek, its masterplan embraces the contours of the land, with its vantages and dips, to offer something distinct.

Different lots will enjoy a selection of watercourse, parkland, or city views, making it a tree change that keeps the urban lifestyle in view. It sits alongside the sprawling Quarry Hills Bushland Park, where kangaroos caper in the sun before resting in the shade of majestic River Red Gums.

At Riverhills, every home will be no more than 200m from this 400ha nature reserve. Residents will be able to enjoy impressive mountain, valley and city views from vantages like Eagle Lookout and Soaring Shelter. And the reserve is set to grow to 1,100 hectares, delivering more open space to explore, more access points, habitat links and walking tracks.

Banks of serenity

Winding through the heart of Riverhills is Darebin Creek. The main watercourse of the Darebin Valley, its headwaters begin in Wollert and form a major tributary of the Yarra River. Its presence provides a serene central meeting place, drawing people into a closer commune with nature.

Given the nearby amenities like Pacific Epping and Westfield Plenty Valley, Riverhills looks to offer a tree change like no other. Cap off a day’s hike with a hearty meal at the Blue Stone Kitchen, and retire to the evening serenity of the hillside.

Wollert has always been a place of quiet abundance. It’s this charm that elevates Riverhills. Talk to us about taking the high ground. Better still, come see it for yourself, and partake in its unfolding splendour.