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Our Land to the North

One of the largest municipalities in the metropolitan area, the City of Whittlesea is a burgeoning and diverse corner of Melbourne’s north.

The greater area of Whittlesea covers approximately 489 square kilometres, stretching from Bundoora to Beveridge. About 70 per cent of this is rural land, the other 30 per cent urban area. Of course, a City with such far-reaching boundaries results in a diverse and remarkable community.

The Whittlesea Community

The defining characteristic of any community is its people. Along with being one of the largest, the City of Whittlesea is also one of the fastest growing in Australia. At present, around 8,000 new residents choose to call it home per year. This is only set to increase in the future. Not just limited to new suburbs, growth and redevelopment are also taking place at exponential rates in established areas such as Epping, Thomastown and Lalor.

Wollert, where Riverhills finds itself, is also part of this exciting development. The increased demand for housing and services in surrounding areas has enabled this previously dairy driven town to thrive once again. It should also ensure it continues to flourish into the future, along with other areas in Whittlesea council.

A Diverse City

While it may seem that the Whittlesea area can boast many features, its most rewarding is its population diversity. With bustling hubs like Epping at its centre, this municipality is one of the most multicultural locations in Victoria. Over 40 per cent of residents speak a language other than English at home. And interestingly, there are a particularly high number of residents from countries like Italy, Macedonia, Greece and India! This diversity will continue to grow alongside the residential population as we look to the future.

All this information can be gleaned from the City of Whittlesea website, a great tool for learning more about your neck of the woods.

Taking a closer look at the profile of this region gives us great insights. Both, into the characteristics that currently define it and the things needed to continue its prosperity into the future. When choosing a life among the trees at Riverhills, Wollert rest assured this estate and future plans for the area will have you feeling at home for many years to come.