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Riverhills, Wollert – Where Possums Abound

With its name thought to be derived from a Woiwurrung expression describing a place inhabited by possums, Wollert is a locale abundant in natural beauty, defined by its rural charms and rich pioneering history.

From 1836 until the early 1850s, sheep raising was the economic driving force of Wollert. During 1853, much of the land was subdivided to create smaller farm lots. This ultimately made way for necessary access roads and infrastructure.

Additionally, after WWII a few larger properties in the Wollert and wider Whittlesea area were purchased by the Soldier Settlement Commission and subdivided into farms for eligible ex-servicemen.

A town built on milk and brick

It was around this time that Wollert became a significant dairying community, supplying the Melbourne market well into the 1960s.

Many notable sites from this period remain today, with numerous heritage-listed properties found across the rolling hills of Wollert. Those looking to buy land in Wollert will likely have heard of Summerhill Farm, located just 10km from the Riverhills estate.

Built by Irish doctor Thomas Wilson in the 1850s, Summerhill is home to stunning bluestone Colonial Georgian style buildings. The homestead and other outbuildings found here are rare and fine examples of architecture for the period.

This, along with the estate’s industrial success as a dairy farm, makes the site a landmark of architectural and historical significance to Victoria.

Posterity… and prosperity

In more recent years, Wollert’s dairy industry has dwindled. Smaller scale grazing farms and a flourishing quarrying and brickmaking industry continue the region’s contributions to the wider Victorian economy.

Melbourne’s northern corridor is flourishing, continuing Wollert’s unfolding story of prosperity. Residents of Riverhills estate will find themselves superbly located in this hub of activity. Able to enjoy the serenity of the hillside without comprising access to modern amenities.

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