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Riverhills July Construction Update

Welcome to our latest Riverhills Construction Update.

There has been lots happening at Riverhills, with titles now achieved for Stages 1 and 2! We are pleased to provide you with the below stage updates and look forward to touching base with you again soon.

Riverhills July Construction Update

Stages 3 & 4 – Phase 1 (Plans & Permits)

This primary phase involves working with Council and other Authorities to secure planning approvals and acceptance of documentation including engineering designs to allow physical works to commence on site.

Stages 5 – Phase 4 (Road Boxing, Curb & Channel)

Here we see things really start to come together as the ground is prepared to lay down the lower layers of road pavement. Water and gas mains are also installed, and the kerb and channel (guttering system) is put into place.

Riverhills July Construction Update

Did you know you can now track the progress of your lot on the Riverhills website? Visit Your Riverhills to access live updates of your stage at any time!