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Single-Storey v. Double-Story Homes: Which will Suit You?

When building a home, one of the first decisions you will likely make is what kind of house plan you prefer: a single-storey or double-storey home. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages, depending on your preferences and needs. It’s important to not only consider what will suit your lifestyle now but also in years to come, especially for those planning for later much down the track. Here are a few pros and cons of each style of home to consider when making your decision.

Single-Storey Home

Cost and practicality are perhaps the two major benefits of building a single-storey home. Homeowners who opt for a floorplan that is contained on just one level will save both time and money – key considerations if budget constraints are an issue or you wish to be in your new home sooner.

Additionally, single-storey homes are perfect for any stage of life. Families with young children may want to steer clear of a home with multiple levels, as might older buyers who may find climbing flights of stairs burdensome.

Given everything is located on the same floor, single-storey homes also encourage families to spend time with one another, rather than in separate zones of the house.

The downside of building a single-storey home is that they don’t necessarily offer much space for large or growing families. Households with older children or those who reside with extended family might find a single-storey home a little cramped.

One final thing to consider is the importance of garden space. Building a single-storey home may mean sacrificing some of your garden. For those with green thumbs, be sure to consider local council regulations. There may be regulations in place that stipulate how much space must be left free on the block.

Double-Storey Home

There are also many advantages to building a double-storey home, namely space. A home with multiple levels will ensure space for enough bedrooms, living areas, studies, storage and outdoor rooms. By building up, you can maximise your home’s footprint, rather than chewing up space from the front or backyards.

Homebuyers can also enjoy more control with the layout of the home itself. In a double-storey home, it is easier to create privacy by having all the bedrooms located upstairs, with living areas downstairs. This creates separate zones within the house, perfect for large families, those who like to entertain or host houseguests.

If you’re planning to build in an area with beautiful views, a double-storey home is best placed to take advantage of any picturesque outlooks. Featuring sweeping parkland, watercourse or city views, a double-storey home would undoubtedly be well suited to Riverhills’ unique setting.

Finally, whilst the building costs of a double-storey home are more expensive, choosing to purchase a smaller, more affordable block can help to counteract this.

With extra space though does come extra cleaning. Be mindful that some more time and energy will be needed with regard to cleaning and maintenance, particularly when it comes to hard to reach areas (windows and top-storey gutters etc.).

There’s also extra room within the house to heat and cool, which can mean higher power bills and more consideration given on the best way to regulate temperature. Implementing more energy efficient systems in the home will help to combat extra costs.

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