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A Great New Deal for our Region

On Monday, 24 August 2020 a new plan was virtually launched to support the rapidly growing population in Melbourne’s north and west over the next 20 years.

Called the North and West Melbourne City Deal Plan 2020-2040 it involves all three levels of government – federal, state and local – and intends to secure economic and social prosperity for the region through 66 major projects designed to improve infrastructure, education, connectivity and employment.

Growing fast!

By 2040 it’s estimated that more than three million people will live in Melbourne’s north and west. That’s one in three Victorians – and one in twelve Australians – and more than the entire population of South Australia!

Forward planning and substantial investment are vital to ensure our growing population thrives and reaches its full potential in the years to come, and that’s exactly what this plan intends to deliver.

The road to recovery

Recently the region has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The City Deal Plan provides a springboard for recovery by helping to create 300,000 new jobs. It’s about securing the future in the short and medium terms, but with a long-term vision of ongoing prosperity for you, your children and your grandchildren.

Close to home

One of the exciting projects for our Riverhills community is the extension of the Epping rail corridor and a new train station in the heart of Wollert. Like some of the 66 projects identified in the City Deal, this project has been in the pipeline for a while, approved in 2017 as part of the Wollert Precinct Structure Plan.

Other projects are new, but all are going to make a significant difference to north and west Melbourne, and to your life of prosperity here at Riverhills.